Notes from the Hill

I sorta screwed up.

That happens a lot.

But I started blogging more, and I started doing it on a different blog than this one.

Darnit, because what really happened was that I forgot about this blog.

Shuford Hill, after all, is a cooler name that “Notes from the Hill”.


But, anyway, if you came here looking for me, please do me the favor of clicking over to Notes from the Hill and read what all I’m spazzing about these days….


Christmas on the Hill

Little Man got a new bow.

Little Lady got her own computer. It isn’t pink, but she still likes it.

Sweet Wife got a new couch. It’s not here yet, but it has been purchased. It was the only one in the store, basically, that we all four liked.

I got a cowbell and a cymbal and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t deserve.

And, all of us got a lot of other stuff, too.

It was a really good day, except for BubbaJ growling at Little Man, which is an odd behavior that we see sometimes.

I got my Jeep back, and my parents footed the bill, even though that wasn’t my intention.

Geoffrey the Subaru is still awesome.

Thanksgiving 2013 consisted of a LOT of turkey, a good bit of football, and some really good times with family on both sides.

We’re very thankful for each other, and the kids are REALLY thankful for time off from school.

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41 and Rain…

We went to bed last night with freezing rain at 31 degrees, so I was expecting a messy morning. It’s still wet, but it was 41 at 5:45, so it looks like we got a break as far as the REALLY slick stuff goes. I think there’s still some possibility of snow this week, but I think the kids are going to have to tolerate a day of school after all, today.


A broken thumb.

Some kind of stomach virus.

Job interviews.

A new job.

Radiator leaks.

Worn out tires.

Tags and inspections coming due.

Car shopping.

Learning to shoot a bow.

Football games.

Cheer competitions.

New instruments to learn.

Learning more about old instruments.

Teaching certifications.

More PRAXIS tests.

Good grief.


And that’s just a couple of weeks.